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Let's share the song "Un jour j'irai à New-York avec toi" (One day, I will go to New-york with you), an old song of an old French band Téléphone.  Just can't wait !


Don't you know



You were awesome,
I was tiresome
We were awesome.

Hey, baby, oops : Miss,
I won't pick you up, I promise, I swear,
I'm single since yesterday, f…,!
I can't have children, but hey, it's not... uh,
Hey! Come back!
Five minutes what? I didn’t insult you, I'm polite, courteous
And a little bit quite drunk and for guys like me
You have other things to do, you should have seen me seen me yesterday
Where I was...
Hey,look at you, D'you think you're handsome
Because you're married ? !
But it's only a ring, man, don't get too excited
She's gonna dump you as they always do,
And the other girl, did you tell her about it ?
I can tell her is you want to, so it's settled,
And to the kid too, if you have any,
Wait for three years, seven years and there you will see
If it's...
Hey, baby oh, sorry: boy,
You know, there is neither bad nor good guys in life,
If mommy is damn boring, it's because she's afraid of becoming a granny,
If daddy cheats on mommy, it's because mommy's getting old, that's why.
Why are you all red ? Beh, come back, kiddo,
And what is it with you all
Looking at me like I'm a monkey, you ?
Oh, right, you are all saints, you,
You bunch of monkeys !
Gimme a baby monkey, He'll be...
Awesome, awesome
You were awesome, I was tiresome
We were awesome,
You were awesome,
I was tiresome
We were awesome.

This song called « Formidable » has been created by the Belgian singer called Stromae… or Maestro spelled backwards. It was released in 2013. It’s a very popular song here, in France.
The lyrics speak about a man who just broke up with his girlfriend. The song begin with a play on words with “formidable” (wonderful) and “fort minable” (so pathetic), and it’s an anthitesis. He speaks to people
The main instrument is the piano that plays at first in the song, followed by the singer. He created this song after meeting a homeless  in the street. The music video was filmed with a hidden camera in Brussels. In this video, he acts as if he was drunk. We think this song is intense because the homeless  told him “D'you think you're pretty?”.

Stromae takes America!


Let me love

Mass Hysteria

L'enfer des Dieux


jeune et con



We find that this music is modern and catchy because it’s well rhythmic, lyrics are motivating and full of pep’s.  When we hear it, we sing despite ourselves and that’s why we really liked this song.

Dj snake

Summer tour 2016


Le temps qu'il faut

Florent Mothe

Quoi de neuf

Silver (Androma Remix)


32 mars

Danakil ~ 32 March
English lyrics
We'll pass all the nights standing
All the days to think about all of that
And we will know how to do without you
The street resonates of our voice

We'll pass all the nights standing
All the days to rebuild all of this
And we will know how to do without you
The street resonates of our steps

Times are hard, they're stealing us, we're spoiled
We're working for fakes notes
Nothing moves, the loop is closed
Something prevents the wheel to turn
32 march, second day of process
The cup is full just like surrounding place
The retort is anart parfumed of boldness
You know, politic is ploy
As it practised, the system is convicted
By fools and disarmed puppets
So stop, we're not waiting anything from you

This song is about our hard life. The singer denounces the injustices of the everyday life. It's reggae music.
Danakil is a French music group created in 2000. These artists deliver committed messages through reggae music. We did not know them before. But it was a very beautiful surprise. We like their atmosphere. We find this song restful and quiet. At the same time the message passed on it is strong.

The mo

Final song


L'Empire du Côté Obscur

IAM is a French rap group, originating of the French city Marseille. the group was very popular in the 90's. The most famosu album  « l'école du micro d'argent », in which is the song "L'empire du coté obscur" (The Dark Side of the Empire). Of course this title was inpired by Star Wars. IAM wanted to take the soundtrack of the movie( created by John Williams), but George Lucas didn't give the rights of the song to the rappers. So they wrote an other instrumental for their song.
This a  very committed song because the rappers denounce the rich people coming from good schools as well as the politicians declaring themselves right people while stigmatizing the big baddies of the suburbs. The only real person quoted in the lyrics is Jean-Claude Gaudin the  mayor of Marseille.



M. Pokora

Cette année-là

English lyrics

That Year
That year I sang for the first time
The audience did not know me
Oh what a year, that year

That year Rock 'n' roll had just spread its wings
And in my corner I sang "Belle, Belle, Belle"
And the public loved it

Already The Beatles were four cool boys
And me my song said walk straight

That year what a joy being the idol of the young ones
For the fans who broke their chairs
The more I think of it, the less I forget

I discovered my first and my last love
The only one the big the unique and everlasting: the public

That year In the sky played a music
A bird whom we called Sputnik
Oh what a year, that year

It was then we said goodbye to Marilyn wiht a golden heart
While West Side broke all the records

This song has been released by Matt Pokora, a famous French singer. This music dates from the 70s and was written and sung by Claude Francois, a very famous French singer at that time .
This song knows a very strong success because it’s a  more dynamic remix than the original, what makes it more trendier. For all these reasons, "That year" is multi-generational and timeless.


The famous Claude François' song "Cette année-là" (1976) was already a cover of the American Song December 1963, (Oh What a night),  sung by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in 1975 !

English / American music



Some people got the real problems
Certaines personnes ont de vrais problèmes
Some people out of luck
Certaines personnes n'ont pas de chance
Some people think I can solve them
Certains pensent que je peux les résoudre
Lord heavens above
Seigneur des cieux
I'm only human after all, I'm only human after all
Je ne suis qu'un être humain après tout, je ne suis qu'un être humain
Don't put the blame on me
Ne me blâmez pas
Don't put the blame on me
Ne me blâmez pas

The singer speaks about the troubles of the human being. He’s fed up that the others  reject the fault on him. He says “I’m only human after all”
Rag’n’Bone whose real name is Rory Graham is a  soul, blues and hip hop singer. He was born on January 29th 1985 in Uckfield in UK. His greatest international success is Human which has been releaseded in 2016.
We like this song because of its style. We prefer the moment of the song when the lyrics are sang like a piece of rock’n’roll.