The students share information about the schools, cities, personal environment and the countries they live in.


More than 200 Students (!) from 10 places around Europe will discuss about...

  • what they (don´t) like about Europe
  • what a future Europe worth living in should look like.

Students information

Monday, 18 March 19

Hi everyone

Well, I checked your contribution on Twinspace... How could I say?

One of you even wrote:

« We are very impressed by your work ».What is a joke or what ?!

Only 13 Breton students contributed to their group out of a total of 75!


Now let's be clear:

I must see your contribution on Twinspace, and a good and real one please. 

This is a part of an evaluated work, that will end with the production you will create with other foreign students!



  • Take part in a collaborative project
  • be cooperative
  • Focus, stay concentrated
  • be constructive
  • be ambitious
  • be efficient while working in a multimedia room
  • be organized (in group or individually)
  • know how to search for info (in English)
  • speak/vwrite in English during the Euro sessions
  • be able to complete your project
  • time management
  • self-motivation
Here you can find information that can help you to choose your group
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