BEFORE your stay in Smithtown...

  1. prepare and write a short article about you and your correspondent
  2. prepare a presentation about your way of life in France:
  • in your High School:
    • schedule: Margot - Aelia - Lucie
    • transport: Gatien
    • restaurant! Tom-Elouan
    • boarding school: Louis - Lucie
    • cost of education: Ida - Arthus
    • After High School ("post-bac"): Enora, Iris
  • things that matter to you:
    • climate change: Lili - Yéléna - Louison
    • sport: Gatien - Titouan
    • music: Gabriel - Antoine - Nathan
    • theatre: Aelia - Eva
    • other?

Your slideshow should not be more than 10 pages.


Share your slideshow on that padlet.

Please click here to complete the US quiz with Socrative. (or download the Socrative app to your phone)

You just need to enter the name of the room:




Know how to evaluate your skills during your stay:

Skills assessment grid.docx
Document Microsoft Word 217.3 KB
Skills assessment grid.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 80.3 KB

DURING your stay

1/ Each one of you must write a travel diary*. 

  • write down your thoughts, your feelings; what surprised / pleased / displeased you? Why?
  • Put anything that can illustrate your experience : tickets, photos, drawing, quotations, wrapping papers...
  • While attending courses at high school, take notes in your own notebook, gather some school materials

 * this travel diary will be given to your teachers on Monday, 29 April, before 6:00 PM

2/ Each one of you must write an article (in English of course) about one day in the US. 


Wed 27: Gabriel + Margot

Thurs 28: Lili + Iris

Fri 29: Titouan + Enora

Sat 30: Arthus + Louison + Elouan

Sun 31: Lucie + Antoine + Aelia

All these students must return their article on Monday morinig 01 Apr.

Mon 1: Yelena + Nathan + ida

Tues 2: Louis + Eva + tom

Wed 3: Nicolas + Gatien


Find your article HERE on the Lesage High School website.

3/ Visit the Met


4/ Visit the UN


AFTER your stay: your final task!

 Groups of 1-3 max 



  • take 3 pictures that symbolize your vision of the USA 
  • Record :
    • 1/ your own interview
    • 2/an interview with an American person
    • 3/ sounds...

You must be the author(s) of the photos

Sounds or interviewes must be recorded with your smartphone

the image files must be in .jpeg

The audio files must be in .MP4



  • Gather the 3 pictures and the 3 audio files in a presentation of 5 pages max.


Deliver your production on that shared padlet below:
DEADLINE: Monday 29 April 6:00 pm

If you have a roblem, say so!

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