Welcome to Vannes. Welcome to Brittany. Welcome to France !

We are students in a French High School called Lycée Lesage. It is located in southern Brittany (western France).

We learn Social Studies in English in a Content Language Integrated Learning approach.

We love to discover English speaking countries and their cultures, as much as we like our own language (huh, we should say "our own languages", because ofcourse we speak French...But here another language is spoken : the Breton language (which is a celtic wording, closed to the welsh or irish ones).

Our High School organizes language exchanges with two high Shcools in the United States of American, in Smithtown (New-York) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and in Sweden too.

Philly, here we are!


From October 14 to 27, 24 students of the Lycée Lesage de Vannes will join their correspondents in the Strath Haven High School near Philadelphia, and live American life... If you want to follow their adventures, read their blog page here.

A little trip through Morbihan (our "département" in Brittany)


New release: the e-book of the 2019 eTwinning project of lycée Lesage Euro Class

April 2019

L'aventure continue... et se termine.

Nous voilà repartis à Smithtown, États-Unis, Etat de New-York.


Read the ebook written by the students of the International Section of our High School in 2018!

Our way of life

How do the French schools work ? How long do we stay at school ? What do we learn ? And how ?


Our heritage

What's on?

What are our favourite hobbies ?

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Our food

Well, when we started discussing about that website, one thing kept going over and over in our mind  : food, food, food... So French, isn't it ? And yet. We are fond of Breton food too !


Music we like

We have selected  music we appreciate. Enjoy !

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Americans in Vannes

Our festivals

Brittany is a land of culture and party. The best proof of this is the incredible number of festivals which are held all year round. Some have a reputation that extends beyond our borders !

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Our films

We do love American movies... But do you know French movies ? Let's discover them. Iconic ones, or others we simply love.

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Bretons in Smithtown